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5 Reasons your not getting lean, these 5 mistakes are stopping you from reaching your goal.

5 Reasons your not getting lean, these 5 mistakes are stopping you from reaching your goal.

  • 1: Overestimating the calories you think you are burning– Tip number 1, get yourself a fitness tracker and take some of the guess work out. Tip number 2, see exercise as a bonus to your daily calorie expenditure. Basically create a calorie deficit that doesn’t include your daily exercise
  • 2: Underestimating the calories you think you are eating- Probably the most common mistake people make. Start using MyFitnessPal to track your daily intake. A great little tip is to fill your day out at either the start of the day or the night before so you know exactly where you will stand at the end of the day. This way there will be no surprises!
  • 3: Choosing the wrong foods and eating foods dense in calories that hold no nutritional value to you diet–  Unfortunately junk food will always spend a large portion of your daily calories and provide your body with little nutritional value. The key is to allow yourself treats but this should only make up a small portion of your overall diet. My best advice is no more than 20-30%.
  • 4: Not using your training time efficiently- How many times have you picked a generic program off the internet, or followed your favourite Instagram models workout plan. do they live the same lifestyle as you? do they have the same goals as you? do they have the same genetics as you? The Answer is probably not. Try not to get sucked in to somebody else’s fitness plan. Pick a style of training that firstly you enjoy, secondly that’s realistic for your lifestyle and now thirdly this will create a plan that is now good for your goal.
  • 5: Not applying consistency to your training and diet-  Ahh, finally lets address the elephant in the room. Most fail to achieve success due to a lack of consistency, but here’s the good news. All of the advice I’ve provided you with above will arm you with the structure to your training and diet that you need to create consistency. Those that have a realistic plan are much more likely to stay consistent and succeed.

There are 3 things you need to know

  1. Where you currently are
  2. Where you want to be
  3. How you can bridge the gap between the 2
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