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Mens Physique Competitor

My Story:

September 2014 was the year I officially became a UKBFF Men’s Physique Competitor.

Men’s Physique is a Class targeted towards the beach body front cover model look you see on most fitness magazines these days. It’s a competition aimed at those who take pride in their appearance and although there not body-builders they still hold themselves to the highest standard promoting a muscular, lean physique yet still remaining athletic.

Any competition requires planning and preparation in order to achieve a goal. My goal was to lose approximately 16-18kg in bodyweight maintaining as much muscle as possible whilst trimming any body fat I was carrying. My body weight was 86kg 20 weeks out from competition and my on stage weight was 68.3kg (net loss of 17.7kg).

I’m a strong believer in knowledge is power and although there are some great sources of information available out there the number one key to Knowledge for me is experience. Until you have done something yourself, experienced it you can never truly know. This is what the men’s physique competition was all about for me. I wanted to gain experience and knowledge and push my body to the limits highlighting not only what i could achieve but what anybody can achieve if they put their minds to it. I’m a 100% natural competitor and only use products that can be bought off the shelf and are lab tested from the most reputable sources on the market.

Unfortunately only the top 3 receive a place. There were 17 guys on stage and only the top 3 receive an invite to the British finals. I didn’t place however my goal for next year is to come back fighting and aim for a top 3 spot receiving myself an invite to the finals. My 2nd goal is to take on a client with the aspiration of competing in their first show, so if you think your up to the task please get in contact!