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1-2-1 PT

LM Fitness Personal Training Leeds

Looking to start your fitness journey? LM Fitness specialise in fat loss & gaining lean muscle.  Through my personalised training program based around your ability levels we will make sure we get the very best from your training. A good training program will only get you so far, thats why a tailored diet plan designed around your usual eating habits, lifestyle and goals will allow us to get the best possible result. The support doesn’t stop there, once signed up to LM Fitness Personal Training you get full access to the client area via my website. This includes 25 home workouts, access to over 100 exercise video tutorials, healthy recipe videos and E-books on training & nutrition.

One on One Sessions

Sessions are typically 60 mins long based at 1-RM Elite Personal Training Studio (LS71BA). This gives the client a personable, friendly environment which is well equipped with a vast range of training equipment in order to maximise your exercise potential. We are a private studio only meaning no busy gym floor where you are fighting to get on equipment.

Personalised Training programmes

Every client receives a free training programme included in there monthly package. The program is personalised around your ability levels, goals and what excess you have to equipment. This is not just some generic everyday program you can find on google. The program will also come with hyperlinks to each exercise. This means you can click on each exercise in your plan and watch a video tutorial of the exercise. Guaranteeing your technique is right and you reminding you of anything you may have forgotten.

Tailored Diet plans

Want to get the most from personal training? A tailored diet plan is key. Firstly using MyFitnessPal i will track your eating habits over a few days. This allows me to write design a diet based around your normal eating habits, lifestyle and of course your goals. No one size fits all, together we can build a plan to maximise results for you.

Healthy Recipes & Nutritional Support

lastly you will also receive access to healthy recipe videos via the client area on my website and  you will be sent my E- books on extra meal ideas, healthy eating and nutrition. This is the complete package. I’m a true believer in knowledge is power the more you learn and understand the better equipped you will be to getting in the best shape of your life!

Paired Training Sessions

Everything is included as above, however you can split the cost of the session by pairing up with a friend/partner.


Prices start at just £40 per 60 min session for 1-2-1 sessions (click here to see our price page )